Course Outline

The Award 2 Child Coaching Qualification is the third award on the coaching pathway of Gaelic Games. The course is aimed at coaches that have progressed through the Foundation/Introduction to Coaching Gaelic Games and Award 1 programmes and have substantial experience as a coach.

Aimed at:  Coaches of Juvenile Teams (U5 to U12)

Entry Requirements:

  • Candidates will be over 18 years
  • Hold both Foundation/Introduction to Coaching Gaelic Games and Award 1 Child qualifications, or equivalent
  • Have substantial coaching experience and are currently coaching a team at this age level
  • Candidates must be Garda vetted and have completed Safeguarding 1 (Child Protection in Sport Awareness programme)
  • Candidates may be required to attend for interview
  • Must be nominated by club GPO or Club Coaching Officer


  • 27 hours (Football OR Hurling)
  • 36 hours (Dual - Football AND Hurling)

Course Fee:  €150 per person. 


The Award 2 Programme focuses on the further development of how and what to coach based on the playing group that you are involved with but also to look further at the integration of key areas that contribute to performance. 

Use of the OTú model to do a personal, player and team analysis based on the playing group that you are involved with but also to look further at the integration of key areas that contribute to performance.

The course is divided into a number of modules; some expose coaches to practical situations and others are designed to develop your knowledge base. These modules are:

  • The coaching process
  • Developing the whole child
  • Spot & Attend advanced technical skills
  • Coaching for decision making
  • Principles of team play
  • Advanced movement skills
  • Creating a learning environment
  • Psychological focus
  • Planning & keeping fit and healthy
  • Playing facts & rules

The focus of this course is on the “Why to do it”, the further development of the coaching skills by placing the participant in situations that they will face as coaches – the organisation of games activities, activities to develop skill and activities to develop the various physical fitness skills.


The course is designed to promote the development of self awareness and reflection through modelling their coaching practice against the OTú Model.

As coaches progress through the Award 2 programme they are exposed to further aspects of the model, aiming to improve their ability across each area – facilitated by the tutor.


For successful completion of the Award 2 course a portfolio must be submitted. It includes assignments completed during course time and also off course time. They include 4 major practical elements:

  1. Spot & Attend advanced technical skills
  2. Coaching for decision making
  3. Principles of team play
  4. Advanced movement skills

Participants are asked to plan sessions for all 4, and to deliver 2 during course contact time.

A portfolio of all this information including tutor feedback, lesson plans and course assignments must be kept by each coach, this will be submitted on completion of the course. (All coaches receive this on the first session).

A post course coaching assessment is conducted in person, or a recording of active coaching is submitted by the participant for assessment. More details of this assignment will be explained on the last session. Coaches must attend all sessions. If for some reason a session is missed the coaches must catch up when these sessions are delivered again. Coaches will not be signed off for accreditation until all aspects of the course are complete. This includes full attendance, on course practicals and the final assessment.