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Our aim for the Dublin GAA Coaching & Games Development YouTube Channel is to provide FREE access to coaching videos, resources and webinars for coaches of all ages to aid them in their coaching journey.

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Dublin GAA Coach Webinar Series II

After the huge success of our first Coach Webinar Series; we decided to undertake another with 5 World renowned Researchers/Coaches/Coach Developers. Each session is available to watch back on our YouTube Channel. Click the link above to view the playlist and make sure you have a notepad and pen in hand because you'll need it.

- Dr Sergio Lara-Bercial - "Learning From Serial Winning Coaches"

- Dr Nick Winkelman - "Language Of Coaching – The Impact of Coaching Cues On Skill Learning"

- Nicholas Walsh - "Player & Group Well-Being" and "AFL & GAA Performance Analysis"

- Kris Van Der Haegen - "Coaching Switch – Player First Ego Second"

- Dr Kevin Ball - "Kicking Performance – The Development of the Non-Preferred Kicking Leg in Youth Players"

Coach Education

The core structure of the Coach Education Programme is a coaching ladder which is organised across five levels (for both Hurling and Football) beginning with the Foundation Award (Juvenile Coach) and culminating at Award 4 (Advanced Inter-County Coach). 

While each level is aligned to coaching at a particular grade, the courses are designed to provide a greater level of knowledge applicable to each grade as a Coach progresses up the ladder.  In Dublin we offer courses up to Award 2 level. 

The Coach Education Programme focuses on continuing education, so that coaches can improve by means of a series of specifically designed courses, workshops and conferences incorporating internationally recognised principles of best practice. These opportunities will include a combination of theoretical and practical inputs and allow for the use of digital and e-learning techniques.

The programme of Applied Lifelong Learning makes provision for coaches to continually develop their skills and to progress at a rate suited to their own development.

Full details on each of the levels available can be found by clicking on the course title below -

Referee Education

Dublin GAA has been rolling out an extensive Juvenile Referee programme for the last number of years. Children starting from 14 years old move through three levels allowing them to referee juvenile games. One of the final aims is to have confident, experienced young adults moving through from refereeing juvenile games into the adult referee programme.

The juvenile referee programme consists of three levels. Full details on each of the levels available can be found by clicking on the course title below - 

Registrations cannot be made online. Please register your interest with you club Referee Coordinator. Registrations will only be accepted from Club Referee Coordinators and MUST be emailed to lorraine@dublingaa.ie.

Please note: Adult referee courses are arranged by the County Referee Committee. Further details can be arranged on request via the form on our contact page.