The Games Development programme provides the best possible supports in relation to Coach Education and CPD workshops and courses covering a wide variety of areas.  

The 2019/20 programme focused on the more formal Coach Education Programmes specifically Award 1 Youth / Adult courses and the Award 2 Child programme. The Child Protection in Sport awareness programme was also a key component that was delivered throughout the year on request.

The development of coaches is central to sustaining and improving the quality of our games and the ongoing process of learning. Coaches are given the opportunity to participate in a range of learning opportunities both formal and informal that contribute to their overall learning and development.

The coach education programme continues to make progress on many fronts including, online programmes, webinars and the many workshops on offer to coaches today. The programme runs from mid September to mid April each year.  

Our Coaching & Games Planner for 2020/2021 will be made available soon.