Teaching Restart Strategies - Football

6th March 2020 19:30

In order to play the possession game effectively, the modern day Gaelic football goalkeeper has become of the most important persons on the pitch. The kick out now has been renamed as Restart simply because we have possession and we want to retain the ball to our advantage. Changing the word changes, the mind set for the players. There are three possible outcomes you want from a restart:

  • To give your team higher percentage chance to win the ball straight from the restart.
  • To put your opponents under pressure and try to force them to make a mistake.
  • To make your opponents play the ball to your strengths. For example, to kick the ball away out the field to the contest area.

Aim: The aim of the workshop is to offer coaches practical ideas on how to gain that extra percentage to bring into your games on restart strategies.

  • Explore a variety of exercises that work on getting players thinking and playing under pressure.
  • Using the game based training to help players keep possession.
  • Focus on 3 main components involved the 3Rs of Restarts, Rehearsals, Receivers.
  • Learning to practice, altering the point of attack, protecting the ball and perfecting your first touch

Tutor: Colm Nally     Venue: O'Tooles GAA Club     Time: 7.30pm

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