Playing The Possession Game - Hurling

13th December 2019 19:00

In order to play the possession game effectively, you need players that are really comfortable on the ball and more importantly players who can see the next play. Possession is about passing; but isn’t only about passing, it can be about recognising opportunities to risk or retain possession. Making decisions (quick passing, safe passing, soloing with the ball, shielding and protecting possession) to retain and build attacks are the essentials of playing the possession game.

Aim: The aim of the workshop is to offer coaches practical ideas on how to gain that extra percentage to bring into your games.

  • Explore a variety of exercises that work on; The ‘killer’ pass to a teammate into space, to improve pass accuracy, look up before passing, correct communication is key to success
  • Using the game based training to help players keep possession.
  • Focus on activities that encourage your marker to run into areas where they don’t want to go.
  • Learning to practice, altering the point of attack, protecting the ball and perfecting your first touch.
  • Practice: Passing the ball and staying', 'Passing the ball and find the right pass', 'Passing the ball and be ready'.

Tutor: Eamonn O Shea
Venue: Abbottstown (indoor rugby arena)
Time: 7.30pm
NB: Studded boots must be worn in the Abbottstown Indoor pitch area

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