Integrating Sport Science & Practical Coaching- Football

18th October 2019 19:15

Modern players have come to expect sessions that are well planned out with seamless integration of sport science concepts into the practical coaching session.

The aim of the training workshop is to provide coaches with an understanding of sport science planning techniques and how to integrate them into the practical coaching session, and further, to expose participants to several practices that promote relevant technical and physical outcomes.

  • Why Sport Science/S&C is important in the coaching process
  • What is an integrated model of coaching & sport science
  • Introduce basic sport science monitoring techniques
  • How to design your weekly periodised plan
  • What to include in the team’s physical development model
  • Incorporating individual psychology & nutrition support
  • How to build your integrated session plan
  • Develop player ownership of Performance Analysis
  • Building a High-Performance Unit (HPU)
  • Designing a practical session of integrated sport science and coaching

Ciaran Deely, Sport Scientist with QPR FC Academy is former Wexford Captain and has just recently stepped down after 4 years managing London GAA. He will take charge of this workshop on Friday 18th October. 

Tutor: Ciaran Deely
Date: Friday 18th October 2019
Venue: Abbottstown (indoor rugby arena) Time: 7.15pm

NB: Studded boots (Mouldies) must be worn in the Abbottstown Indoor pitch area

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