Energy, Efficiency, Commitment-The inner drive to improve - Hurling

7th February 2020 19:00

Aim: Motivation affects every aspect of training and performance. When you work on your motivation, you are working on the foundation of your performance. Having a strong inner drive will help you to meet challenges head on, keep you on track towards your goals, and enhance your enjoyment of your sport.

The workshop will explore the following:

  • Activities practicing with the brain and mind: understanding how their memory and brain work helps your players learn more effectively.
  • Grow Mind-set: develop your players’ independence and resilience under pressure.
  • Game based concentration training: to give your players the skills to stay focused when it matters.
  • Communicating Better: improve your players’ relationships with teammates through better communication and leadership skills

Tutor: Derek McGrath
Venue: Abbottstown (indoor rugby arena)
Time: 7.00pm

NB: Studded boots must be worn in the Abbottstown Indoor pitch area

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