Now in a fully revised and updated second edition eBook, Give Us A Game presents the best games for developing technique, fitness, team play and decision making in players. In this second edition, you’ll find more games in each category:

  • Chasing and Fleeing games
  • Target games
  • Court games
  • Field games
  • Invasion games

Each game maximises player involvement, learning and contains at least one major objective related to player or team development. A new chapter in this edition presents the definition and clarification of the principles you are developing within each category of the game.These are presented and illustrated in a really fun and humorous way.

Best of all, each game can be adapted to accommodate players of various ages and abilities.

Designed for child, youth and adult players, Give us a Game provides you with the most effective and fun way to learn and teach the game. This is one book you’ll refer to again and again.

Give us a Game has seven chapters. The first chapter contains the categorisation and definition of the five main game groups. The game groups are: Chasing, Target, Court, Field and Invasion Games. Each category is illustrated showing the various concepts and tactical dimensions that each game presents. The game finder is a quick guide to help you locate the appropriate game for your training session. Keep in mind that although a game might not appear in the category of football or hurling, you may be able to modify it for the game you want to play.