Our first eBook "Advanced Game Sense" is available to purchase on issuu.com.

This eBook is designed to assist coaches in team preparation with each session designed to focus on a particular theme to hin your planning, learning and development as a coach and each session is flexible and adaptable depending on the level of your team.

As a coach, to achieve success, keeping your sessions interesting, varied and focused is really important. Coaches need to develop the art of questioning to help tease out the answers through problem solving situations; rather than telling players what they need to be doing.

The eBook aims to:

  • Provide a template and layout for coaches, covering all areas necessary for a good training session.
  • Give practical ideas through games based training for coaches.
  • Help coaches focus on a specific theme throughout the training session. These include:
    - Individual & Group Defence
    - Support Play
    - Penetration, width and depth in attack and many more.
    - Break-Ball Games
    - Concept/Prompt Games