All The Right Skills – Hurling


Hurling is a game that requires constant individual practice, for players to perform the skills at a high level daily practice is an integral part of becoming a hurler. Only when you master the basic handling skills comfortably on both sides with the sliotar and hurley can you call yourself a hurler.

There are so many different skills in hurling, knowing the right skills that will improve your game can be difficult to figure out.

The role of the coach is to provide situations in training that mirror the game for the players; this should be done through activities that are games based.

All The Right Skills is designed to assist coaches in team preparation and it focuses on the key skills which are broadly broken down into the following:

  • Gaining possession
  • Maintaining possession
  • Releasing possession
  • Contesting possession
  • Extra Skills

There are practical examples of all these skills, with key teaching points and tips as well as games based activities that can help improve your players.