Transferable Skills - Basketball to Football make a good combination - Football

3rd April 2020 19:00


Aim: Being able to dribble the ball while moving and keeping your head up at the same time is one of the key basic skills of basketball. The sport also offers lessons in spacing and getting hands free to pass – you need to work to get open for a shot. Additionally, basketball offers a very similar up-and-down the court action to Gaelic Football and all players are responsible on both offence and defence. There is also the concept of playing man or zone defence.

1.Moving the ball with your head up
2.Spacing working the shot
3.Responsible on both offence and defence.

Moving the ball with your head up:

Passing involves giving the ball to a teammate, it is important that players are taught to know where their teammates are by constantly looking. A second important ingredient is verbal communication, or talking. Coaches should teach players to provide intelligent verbal cues to help with decision-making in passing.

Getting hands free to pass:

You want to release both hands from the contest. This will give you the greatest chance of catching the ball. The aim of the course is to provide coaches with ideas for improving catching, moving, creating space and passing skills through functional training.

  • Identify how skills can be broken down into Head hands & Feet
  • Emphasize good timing
  • Demonstrate working the space
  • Explain the concept of moving the ball well
  • Plan progressive practices/drills to improve performance.
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