Skill based training - Football

24th January 2020 19:30

There’s a big difference between (a) learning the skill and (b) learning to perform the skill consistently well at speed, under fatigue and under pressure in a competitive game Skill essentially is an individual element of one’s sport but to be seen as skilful, a player must completely put together a string of skills, e.g. a player catches a ball, soloes forward avoiding two tackles on the way (evasion) before kicking a superb score or laying off a penetrative and accurate pass.

Skill based training focuses on improving many techniques through repetitive activity, continual feedback and correction:

  • Highly structured specific activities designed to improve your technique
  • Creative Games to encourage a range of techniques.
  • Performing Skills well, at speed and with great first touch
  • Highlighting the link between unstructured play and deliberate practice

Tutor: Mick Bohan     Venue:Ballyboden St Endas     Time: 7.30pm

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