Moving Well, Being Well

29th January 2020 19:30

Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) are the basic observable patterns of behaviour present from childhood to adulthood. Irish research has measured FMS in adolescents, and found that only 11% could perform the required movement patterns adequately. This is alarming, considering that FMS mastery can be developed by the age of 6.

The Nursery is a place equipped to look after young children (4-7) and promotes Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) in a fun and creative way. This golden age of motor development are when key skills are developed such as running, jumping, throwing and catching. These skills play a vital role in the building block for more complicated movements within Gaelic games.

The Nursery programmes within GAA clubs are designed to develop fundamental movement skills by engaging children to learn to play with the ball through fun, games and general movement.

Tutor: Stephen Behan
Venue: Erins Isle
Time: 7.30pm

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