Individual player outcomes in team sports

19th October 2019 13:30

Individual player outcomes in team sports - Practical workshop for Footballers & Hurlers

The next step in coach development is being able to achieve both individual player outcomes and positional outcomes in a team setting- so that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

The aim of the training workshop is to provide coaches with an understanding of how to devise and apply specific aspects for each individual player to work on and how to integrate that into the practical coaching session.

  • The 4-Corner Model of Player Development
  • In & Out of Possession checklist
  • Designing Positional Essentials
  • How to build a Player Individual Action Plan (IAP)
  • Designing your Session Plan- Individual & Team Outcomes
  • Putting together your weekly microcycle coaching plan
  • Planning the Periodised Season Programme
  • Finding an integrated approach to learning & development
  • Designing a practical session with individual player outcomes

Ciaran Deely, Sport Scientist with QPR FC Academy is former Wexford Captain and has just recently stepped down after 4 years managing London GAA. He will take charge of this workshop on Saturday 19th October. 

Date: Saturday 19th October 
Tutor: Ciaran Deely
Venue:St Aidans CBS
Time: 1.30pm

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