Beginner Goalkeeping Training- Football

21st February 2020 19.30

Aim: Improving as a goalkeeper involves working on reflexes, agility, leg speed, decision making and hand-eye coordination. In order to hone these skills, lots of practice and constant repetition are required – sometimes in an environment that recreates the intensity and often chaotic nature of a real match. The aim of the course is to provide coaches with ideas for improving goalkeepers.

  • Successful strategies for developing & improving concentration.
  • Developing advanced technique in reaction and anticipation skills.
  • Working on decision making and defending one on one.
  • Focusing on improving kick out delivery through resistance training.
  • Working on angles and shot stopping.
  • Structure progressive practices/drills to maximize learning and develop skilful goalies.

Tutor: Gary Mathews       Venue: Round Towers Clondalkin GAA Club          Time: 7.30pm

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